Gasoline Parallel Tree-SPH code
The Gasoline Paper
Gasoline was developed within the University of Washington HPCC group.
The main authors are James Wadsley, Joachim Stadel (Zurich) and Tom Quinn (Washington)

The gasoline code is currently NOT public domain or otherwise generally available. Neither is the gravity code pkdgrav from which it was derived. We allow use of these codes outside the main coder group only as part of ongoing collaborations with the coders.
HPCC University of Washington: Software Repository
I continue to work actively with the HPCC group. Software available at their site includes Tipsy (interactive visualization of simulations), Group finders (SKID/FOF) and utility programs.
Other Codes
I have a variety of codes I have worked on for various projects. They are not public domain however I could make them available on request.
  • Voronoi Tesslations in 3D (periodic)
  • Embarassingly parallel FOF Group Finder
  • Embarassingly parallel SO (Spherical Overdensity) Group Finder
  • "Flood" substructure group finder
  • Automated Voigt Profile fitting
  • Movie making programs (results can be viewed here).

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